Seo Consulting

Take a seat and imagine a form of direct marketing where the customer comes to you. This is exactly what Search Engine Marketing provides.


Searching has quickly become the most popular activity on the Internet. Making it imperative that your company is visible when its products and services are being searched for. If your website is not ranking during searches valuable leads are being lost for others to capitalize upon.


With Search Engine Marketing, your company can enjoy a form of direct marketing where the targets actually find you. With other forms of marketing, costs are incurred sending out your message to businesses and individuals that have no interest in your products or services. After rankings have been achieved on the search engines, you will be receiving insurmountable amounts of qualified customers who are interested in at that exact moment resulting in high conversion ratios. SEO is simply the most cost effective form of directed marketing.


We are dedicated to providing step-by-step consulting on everything from natural searches to pay per click management. We will provide technical evaluations on your site and determine your SEO needs. We will provide monthly or quarterly review of your search engine rankings, recommend detailed advice concerning necessary adjustments and analyze site traffic in an effort to optimize your results. By working together with Estrategize, our experts will explain and demonstrate how a few strategic changes can achieve site rankings that are dramatically improved.


We strive to enhance our client’s online presence through specific marketing and technical campaigns and work jointly toward your specific business needs. Our company brings unsurpassed comprehension and experience of the search market. We simply convert traffic and leads into sales, supply keyword visibility and tracking by providing in-depth analysis to meet and exceed your performance goals.

We focus on the art of the search.

PCP Marketing

Pay per click is increasingly recognized as an instant, flexible and effective way to boost your web site’s online presence and bolster qualified traffic. When combined with eStrategize strategic PPC bid management service, your Internet marketing will return unrivaled effectiveness and success.


We start by determining your specific PPC management strategy. We’ll analyze your business model and investigate your competition. We have the power to combine our SEO expertise with your marketing goals to create a pointed and measurable PPC campaign. We provide direct ways to reduce your cost of customer acquisition. Your ROI will be continuously monitored and adjusted to ensure the greatest possible results.


Next, we’ll research and define the key phrases that reflect your visitors’ buying habits. We use powerful software to analyze buying patterns and keywords that convert into sales. We’ll employ web site linking and directory submissions to ensure improved click through and conversion rates, while providing in-depth analysis of the results.


eStrategize is focused on creating, optimizing and managing your search engine marketing campaign. The technique, called Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a relatively new and exciting form of online advertising, allowing you to market your business to the very people searching for your product or service. There is no other medium that offers such flexibility and power. PPC management is the most efficient way for your company to spend its valuable advertising dollars.


Managing a PPC campaign is a complicated and time-consuming venture. We work with Google and Overture among others to place your ads at the top of searches. eStrategize will open the door for your business to immediately take advantage by creating, monitoring and optimizing your PPC advertising campaign. More than ever before, people are turning to the Internet search engines to find products and services of every type, from electronics to flowers, books to cars. Make sure that you’re not missing out on this new opportunity.

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